Gutter Cleaning

Regular maintenance of your gutters is essential to the health of your home!

Gutters are a catch-all and should be cleaned repeatedly during the year. A gutter that is full of water can weigh more than 350 lbs. This weight will ruin the gutter, often causing it to go off pitch. A gutter that is off pitch will hold water, and will not drain properly. Improperly draining gutters can cause damage by allowing water to leak into your home.

Gutter Cleaning Recommendations:
We recommend cleaning the gutters in March to clear out sticks and branches that have fallen during the winter so they are ready for the April showers. In June, "helicopters", oak tassels, and other seed pod debris should be removed. In August remove all wind blown debris caused by summer thunderstorms. In the Fall, gutters should be cleaned monthly to remove all leaves that have fallen before the winter freeze.