Do I have to sign a contract?
Absolutely not. If at any time you are unhappy with us, cancel the service.

Have you ever filed an injury or insurance claim?
No. We have been serving customers all over Ohio for 6 years and we have never had an injury or insurance claim while on the job.

What if its raining on the cleaning day for my house?
Typically we can continue cleaning windows through a light rain or drizzle. If a major downpour occurs, we will wait it out and finish afterwards. Ohio rains usually will not cause any spotting immediately after we clean your windows. However, if you are not completely satisfied, we will re-clean any windows of your home that were effected by rainy day cleaning.

Do I have to be home for an estimate?
No one has to be home. We can walk around the perimeter of the property to calculate the cost then contact you regarding your estimate. If you have pets please let us know. We can not include any mirrors or indoor glass in our estimates when no one is home.

Are you insured and know how to properly perform all services?
Yes, we are licensed and insured. Additionally, we stay current with the latest safety and technological developments by our membership with the International Window Cleaners Association. This guarantees you that when Crystal Clear Window Cleaning services your home or business, your job will be completed to perfection.

How do you clean windows?
We use a professional window cleaning solution which is a state-of-the art Biodegradable-USDA Approved liquid additive to water, designed for cleaning glass using a squeegee. The window cleaning solution we use will leave your windows cleaner longer with no residue left behind. We use professional window cleaning tools and equipment sold by window cleaning suppliers to professional window cleaners. We use no shortcuts when it comes to cleaning your windows.

Why should I clean my windows?
The Glass Association of North America or GANA recommends cleaning glass regularly. The importance of regular cleanings reduces the risk of harmful deposits which can damage glass. In addition, clean windows are more hygienic, improve esthetics, give your home or business better curb appeal and a brighter view of your property.

Should I have my windows cleaned before selling my house?
Absolutely! According to a survey of 2000 real estate agents conducted by and reported on in Money Magazine, having your windows cleaned is one of the most cost-effective and high-return investments you can make on your home to get it ready to sell.